Entry: Entrevista Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Learning Spanish is fun and can teach you a lot, but have you thought about learning about people who speak Spanish? You may know them from school or work and possibly they may reside in your neighborhood, but do you have an inkling about them personally as individuals with histories and lives of their own? A great way to do this is to interview the people who speak Spanish. You can think of all types of topics to form your questions. You can ask about sports, music, or their homelands, or what they like about being immigrants to a new homeland. If they are born in your homeland, then you can ask about their particular generation. Creating the questions can be challenging, but ask from the heart. Try to really hear the answers and learn about the person or people. If they give you permission, use a tape recorder to tape your questions and their answers so you can practice learning from the conversation. You can transcribe the interviews and the responses on paper to make sure you understand the dialogue. An "entrevista" which means an interview will teach you a lot about the people you interview. This will enable you to view people as more than a grouping or a statistic. You will learn about them personally and grow to appreciate them for who they are. If you can't meet people in person to do the interviews, see if you can use email or text the people you meet. If you get to know a person, it will help you to understand them better. Also, don't forget to tell them a little about yourself as well. An interview can make a stranger a friend, and you will end up learning a great deal about each other. Their journey in life is a meaningful thing, and they will be interested in sharing it with you. It will also give you empathy about other people and reveal common interests that you might have with them. Another way you can use interviews is by writing down questions in Spanish that you plan to ask a character on tv, an athlete, or a celebrity that you like. Write down the answers to the questions in Spanish from what you know about them. You will have a vivid portrait of your favorite people on paper and learn Spanish as well.


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