Entry: Words to Know in Spanish Saturday, August 26, 2017

I found a site that lists a hundred words in Spanish that you can learn. I went down the list and found out that I knew all the words. The site also lists additional words for extra practice. You can go here to access the words: https://www.thoughtco.com/spanish-words-you-need-to-know-3079567 If you're just getting started in Spanish, it helps to have a list with which to work. That way, you are not floundering in a sea of words and wondering where to start. The list gives you very easy words so that you don't get stuck. Once you get these words under your belt, you will find that they are repeated quite often in writing and in speech. The frequency in which they appear will reinforce your learning. I hope you will focus on these words soon in the near future. Another place where these words will appear over and over are in telenovelas. For fun, try to write a telenovela from scratch. You can choose your own plot and characters. When you get to the part when you write dialogue for the characters, try to choose words from the list. Make the conversations simple when you start. If you want to use more difficult words, you can, but you will have to remember the meaning if you are not familiar with them. Practice reading the dialogue with someone else. Notice how frequently the words in the list come up in speech. Within no time, you will be practicing these very useful words. Once you are done with the list of the hundred words, you will have time to build on to your list. Make a list of other words or phrases that come up over and over again. Make it a point to use them in dialogue or write more dialogue for your telenovela using them. Have fun with your telenovela and learn to use the words whenever you can.


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