Entry: Communication is Caring Sunday, June 25, 2017

If you wonder why you are learning a second language, you will start to realize the reason is that you care about communication. A whole other world awaits you, and you can enter it knowing you are well - versed in using a second language. It is equipping yourself and having enough coverage or insurance in communicating with others. Without this knowledge, you wouldn't be able to interact with new groups of people that use that language. Once the groups you interact with know that you care to get through to them, new doors open. You become an expert in putting forth questions and new ideas. You are depositing your new wealth to others, and then they take that same wealth of words and transmit ideas to you. Both groups are now engaged in the learning process. It is fascinating to realize when you click with others. At first, you might be shy or have a type of stage fright in conversing, but then you realize they are also new in sharing the common speech with you. The shared language then becomes something you have in common. It becomes an arsenal or quiver full of words and phrases to share. With practice, your nervousness fades, and you begin to have a new - found confidence with others. You also become aware of the levels at which people are and actively begin to help them improve. I find this out when I tutor and I see a person grow in the language and I become adept at facilitating the learning process. They are newbies at first, and then they progress. This makes you care more about communicating in the new language even the more. That in turn makes the individual care about learning. Enjoy learning the new language in phases. Begin to appreciate all it affords you and others. It will propel you to make insights and help you to gain an awareness of the wonderful world of that language. Using that language shows your new friends that you care about them and are invested in communicating with them. Keep connecting. You won't regret it!


September 26, 2017   12:17 AM PDT
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August 17, 2017   04:31 AM PDT
Perhaps an interesting fact is that everyone communicates but few connect. The real and core aim of communication is to understand and transmit ones clear feelings and thought.

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