Entry: Word Association / Word Collage Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I found a site called worditout.com that helps people create word collages. Most of the collages or "word clouds" are in English, but there are some Spanish users that also visit the site. What you do is generate a list of words and copy and paste it to the site's interface, and it creates amazing collages for you. You can choose Spanish words from lists that you have created or select words at random. Some people create the collages with resumes or company profiles. You can actually create a vision statement or a mission statement with your selection of words. You can use it to study for school by developing charts of learning. Another idea you can use to create the collages is the process of word association. You can start with a word and then list words that come up in your mind about each ensuing word. Brainstorm so that all your words will be in Spanish. For example, I started with the word "iglesia" and these are the words I came up with: "sacerdote, biblia, palabras, letras, alfabeto, libro, paginas, numeros, cuanto, cuesta, casa, ventanas, puerta and edificio." Take all the words you come up with and copy and paste it on the interface at worditout.com You will have a beautiful word collage which you generated from word association. Celebrate Spanish words by thinking about which ones you will use. Once you start to generate words, your mind will naturally want to think of more, and you can create more collages from those. Seeing the words in print will make an impression in your mind, and you will have a visual of what words you want to think about and learn. Creating a collage will mentally stimulate you to keep on learning through print. Join the worditout community for free, and they don't ask you to sign up, so it is a easy way to keep learning Spanish words.


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