Entry: Poetic Words and Their Translation Sunday, March 26, 2017

I found a site where poetry in Spanish is translated. This site is found at www.spanishpoems.blogspot.com There are various poems and the translations are written below them. There are some interesting activities you can do with these poems. First of all, read the poems in Spanish. Can you understand the gist of the poems without the translation? See how much you can understand by reading the poem in Spanish. Then read the translation and see if you are right. If it is too difficult, try to see if you can understand some of the words instead. Were you able to define the words? Another thing you can do is focus on the words that poets use in poetry. These are called poetic words. Write down the words separately in a column on a piece of paper. Look at the English translation and see if you can learn the meaning of the words. Try to memorize a few of them. You may not be able to memorize all of them, but collecting the words may help you focus on them. You can also write the poetic words down on paper and cut them out individually. Arrange them later on a piece of paper and read them. Can you remember the meanings? Working with poetic words and their meanings will help to give you a little bit of experience in translation. You will get a feel of how people work with words in two different languages. If you get the chance, write the words and their meaning next to them in a notebook and title them "poetic words." You will have a wonderful collection of Spanish words and appreciate their beauty not only in English but in Spanish.


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