Entry: Labeling and Cards Friday, February 26, 2016

Hi to all Spanish learners! How is your day going? Are you ready to try some more ideas? I have two ideas on how to practice Spanish. One is to buy some index cards or post it notes. Label objects around the house with the cards. Write the names of the objects in Spanish. For example, you can label the sofa with "sofa," or the chair with the word, "silla." Try to label inanimate objects. Pets and humans might get mad if you label them. Lol! The other idea is to take the cards or post it notes off and use them as blank flash cards. You can write on the blank sides the meaning of the word in English, if you wish. Practice the words in this way. You can also buy Spanish flash cards at a book store. Try writing sentences with the words on the cards. That will help you remember the words within the context of other words. I also want to tell you I am practicing Spanish via emails. Find some friends or others in an online community such as Craigs List that want to practice Spanish with you. Write back and forth in Spanish. Don't worry if you're a little rusty. Practicing is what counts! Have an amazing day!


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