Entry: Spanish Firsts! Thursday, January 21, 2016

I used to collect the firsts of the New Year, such as the first song of the New Year I heard or the first breakfast I had and etc. So I thought why not do that with the subject of Spanish. You can record the first Spanish person you see. You can jot down the first Spanish word you see, the first Spanish song, the first Spanish phrase, or the first Spanish meal you have. You don't have to force the events to happen, just jot them down when they happen naturally. There are a lot of firsts that can happen when you come down to it. So be patient and have fun with the activity. Things will jump out at you as you continue your new year. Here are a few other ideas: your first Spanish ad you see, the first Spanish dessert you have, the first Spanish conversation you have, and the first Spanish sports team you see. Have fun finding your Spanish firsts! The New Year will be full of them. Don't worry if you haven't found everything in January. You have the entire year. Happy New Year! Feliz ano Nuevo!


Cara Mengobati Luka Bernanah
October 13, 2016   01:43 AM PDT
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EPIC Blogger
May 1, 2016   07:26 AM PDT
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