Entry: Guessing Game! Monday, October 26, 2015

Take a dictionary and collect words you don't know. Don't look at the meaning of the words yet. Try to guess what the words mean. Then look up the meaning. See how hot or cold you were. You can also get someone to give you words. Guess the meaning and ask them if you are right or wrong. This guessing game will give you a chance to get close to the words. You are interacting using the words and spending time with them. You are also interacting using Spanish. New immigrants use Spanish. What better way for them to assimilate than having people practice Spanish with them. You can also play guessing games using English with new immigrants. They can spend time with English words. It is helpful to be bilingual in a world teeming with immigrants. People feel at home when using their native language, and new immigrants will like all the helpful interaction. Happy guessing! :)


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February 21, 2016   12:32 AM PST
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