Entry: Twenty Six Words For Twenty Six Days Friday, August 28, 2015

Today, I am going to write about increasing Spanish vocabulary. Learning a word a day is the aim. All you need is an English to Spanish dictionary. Learn a word a day for each letter of the alphabet. For example, you can choose the word, "acera" for the letter "a" for day number one. The next day, day two, choose a word in Spanish for the letter "b" and so on. Since there are twenty - six letters, you will have twenty - six words by the end. The remaining days of the month, either four or five days, depending on the month, will also give you a chance to review the words. You can review the words or write sentences with them. Each month, you can learn twenty - six words. Keep a list of the 26 words. If you don't feel like learning twenty - six words, or choosing words based on the alphabet, you can choose the amount you like from the dictionary. For example, you may want to learn ten words instead of twenty - six. You can select a variety of words. It is up to you. If you develop your vocabulary, you will be more confident using Spanish. So don't wait. Get your dictionary and give it a go.


jasa paspor kilat
January 12, 2016   08:10 AM PST
artikel apa ini ya
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January 9, 2016   06:27 AM PST
I am also studying the Spanish language. Because hope someday to visit Spain: D
obatherbal parkinson
August 28, 2015   09:31 PM PDT
salam sejahtera saya sampaikan kepada agan agan semua sekalian semoga bahagia

selalu, artikel yang agan sajikan sangat menarik dan enak dibaca senang dapat

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