Entry: Spanish Translation Thursday, July 16, 2015

An amazing activity to learn Spanish would be gathering articles in Spanish from newspapers and translating them to English. You can start with one article if you wish. Clip it out and paste it in a notebook. Copy the writing in Spanish first. Then translate the article next to the clipping or under it, depending on where there is room. You can use a dictionary, but I recommend trying to translate the article without it first to see how much you can translate by yourself. After that, use a dictionary if you need to, and then compare how you did the translation with and without the dictionary. There are free newspapers you can get from boxes in front of stores or restaurants. One such paper is called "Hoy." Copying the article will help you to see how Spanish flows on paper. You will also be able to understand writing techniques by noting how the sentences are structured. Choose articles that have topics that are interesting or choose them randomly. A final activity you can do with this assignment is to read the article. See how you do. Are there any words or a word that you stumble on or does the writing flow on your tongue? You are also learning new words as you practice reading, writing, and speaking the words in the article. Reading. Writing. Speaking. You can't go wrong. Enjoy this activity and enjoy learning Spanish.


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