Entry: Fear of Spanish or Spanish Phobia Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I wonder if the word "Spanish phobia" has been coined yet. That can explain why people are shy about using their Spanish. It may also mean that people may be shy to meet Spanish peoples. I think that may explain why I don't see people practicing their Spanish or even content in Spanish on the web. Why is it so scarce? I think that I am afraid to write in Spanish, but I am not afraid to speak it. I am not afraid to make mistakes verbally. Writing, though, is difficult, because the mistakes are all in print and there for the whole world to see. I want to also ask native speakers why they are shy about using Spanish. Do they believe people won't accept them if they hear them speaking a foreign language? Is it their accent they don't want to share? There's got to be some clues out there that prove my theory about Spanish phobia. Even native speakers don't initiate by speaking their language. One can't deny that a sizable portion of the population speaks the language, so why be shy and hide the fact that you speak it? Speaking Spanish would also be an amazing hobby. People would bond together and find a useful hobby to connect. ?Todavia temes? I hope not. If one makes mistakes, one can also correct them in the process. That much is cut and dried. Speak up in Spanish. Don't be shy anymore.


jasa bikin paspor
January 12, 2016   08:15 AM PST
duh,, bahas apapula ini saya ngga paham :)

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