Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Fear of Spanish or Spanish Phobia

I wonder if the word "Spanish phobia" has been coined yet. That can explain why people are shy about using their Spanish. It may also mean that people may be shy to meet Spanish peoples. I think that may explain why I don't see people practicing their Spanish or even content in Spanish on the web. Why is it so scarce? I think that I am afraid to write in Spanish, but I am not afraid to speak it. I am not afraid to make mistakes verbally. Writing, though, is difficult, because the mistakes are all in print and there for the whole world to see. I want to also ask native speakers why they are shy about using Spanish. Do they believe people won't accept them if they hear them speaking a foreign language? Is it their accent they don't want to share? There's got to be some clues out there that prove my theory about Spanish phobia. Even native speakers don't initiate by speaking their language. One can't deny that a sizable portion of the population speaks the language, so why be shy and hide the fact that you speak it? Speaking Spanish would also be an amazing hobby. People would bond together and find a useful hobby to connect. ?Todavia temes? I hope not. If one makes mistakes, one can also correct them in the process. That much is cut and dried. Speak up in Spanish. Don't be shy anymore.

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Saturday, May 02, 2015
Reception and Exchange

I think that people that took Spanish in school don't get a chance to practice it. There probably aren't enough people with which to practice. English is the constant medium of exchange in the state and elsewhere. It would be great if a club existed for people to pursue Spanish as a hobby, or if people you met were game to practice it with you. I know a group that started out and went out to restaurants to try Spanish food and conversation. Spanish takes two to practice. If you go solo, like me, you have to learn it at your own pace or whenever you have time. You have to stare at the words, pronounce them, or write about it in a blog like I am doing now. Spanish solitaire is tough, but it can be fun and a constructive thing to do. There won't be any exchange, but you can rate your errors. I think I am stuck, because practicing tenses is difficult. You need other people to correct you in conversation or writing. I can also beef up in the tenses and correct myself, too, I gather, but that will take time. When I find Spanish people, they are usually shy, and when they find out I know Spanish, they act even shyer. I feel like telling them that people take Spanish in school, because most schools demand you take a foreign language, and a lot of people choose Spanish, because it is used more, and spoken more because there is a majority of the population. So exchange will have to wait, until someone tells them that there are non - native Spanish speakers around that want to practice Spanish. I think the shyness is contagious. At any rate, Americans should practice or learn Spanish, because there is that majority that speaks it, and there needs to be an exchange to develop brotherhood, sisterhood, and harmony.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015
Poetry in Spanish

I wonder what it's like to write poetry in Spanish. I bet the words would sound beautiful and flow just like daily life. I would like to look for blogs on Spanish poetry. The inspiration is in my brain. I am thinking of words such as "vida" or cotidiana. Those are also in a song I once heard called "El y Ella." Spanish songs have words that sound like poetry. Here goes: Vida Diariamente Cosas del Verdad pequenos pero con mucho amor una verdad que busca a ti I am thinking of a poem that goes something like that. I guess I would get practice in Spanish writing Spanish poetry. It forces one to be creative and understand the meanings of the words. I'll look at it as a creative way to learn Spanish. Verano Helados Ninos y ninas corren a volar I guess I won't get writer's block if I try to think of images for poetry. Daily life is full of poetry if you look for it. Enjoy the Spanish that you learn daily. Don't give up.

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Friday, February 06, 2015
Twitter Pages In Spanish

I just found two twitter pages in Spanish. That is exciting to me. I still will look for blogs in Spanish as well, but at least I can look through reading material now. There are periodicos and news sites like "El Pais." The thing is that I want to read ordinary things, too, not just news and politics. One twitter page defines a word in Spanish per day. That is kind of interesting. Although I an not perfect yet in Spanish, I like the idea of starting off where I left off, so I can identify my weak areas. Right now, it seems I have many. Dos paginas de twitter, muy bien! Si? If you agree, buscalo. Try reading the phrases and words in Spanish twitter pages. It's not like reading a paragraph or an essay, but it's a start. Exposure to Spanish is key to keeping the language up. Hasta luego. Solo Spanish or Spanish Solitaire P.S. Don't forget to make flashcards in Spanish. You can choose a word starting with each letter in the alphabet. For example, acera which means "sidewalk." That's 26 words each time.

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Thursday, February 05, 2015
Forgetting Spanish

I don't know anyone that speaks Spanish currently. Practicing it alone is my only option. There are plenty of sites that suggest that one can learn Spanish online, but I want to go it alone for a number of reasons. I like the process of learning alone or solo. That's why I started Spanish Spire and Solo Spanish on blogger a few years ago. I wanted to detail what it is like for someone to learn Spanish when there is little to no exposure to it. I am forgetting Spanish. I worry that this will happen to other Spanish speakers or learners. I think that all that work will be in vain, because no one gets a chance to learn or that they don't practice it. I think that if you don't use a language, you can lose it. That's how I feel right now. I once found a site called "Blog y web" online about tech and tech gadgets. The writer joined twitter, I think, so there is twitter in Spanish. I wonder if people on blogger and blogdrive write in Spanish. I can always practice Spanish on their pages. Well, it's frustrating when you feel like you've come to the end of the road. Something's going to turn up soon, though. Since I want to be a diligent learner and teach others through this process, something just has to. I'll have to stop complaining that there's no one there to practice it with, because excuses get a person nowhere. Okay, hasta luego. I hope you enjoy reading Spanish as much as I do. Try to find some sites in Spanish. I'll let you know if I find any as well. J.A.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015
Looking for Spanish

Cuando trate de buscar el espanol en las paginas del internet, no puedo hallar mucho. Yo vi algo en un sitio que se llama "Mediate" y otro en el sitio que se llama "El Pais." Probablemente, no hay mucho. Yo necesito leer y escuchar espanol para practicar y quiero hacer errors. Eso es la manera en que yo puedo aprender. Hay la telenovela. Esto es verdad, pero yo no tengo tiempo para mirarla todo el tiempo. Aunque hay muchas personas que hablan espanol, no hay material en el internet, yo pienso. Que cree Ud? Es una cosa muy dificil encontrar el espanol en el web or internet? Yo creo que si. Okay, luego ver. Byeeeee!!!!!!!

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Saturday, January 10, 2015
Making Mistakes in Spanish

It is a process to find pages that are written in Spanish. I have been actively looking for blogs or websites that offer written Spanish. It is quite a challenge. I found one blog, but it hasn't been updated. The writer has a twitter page, so reading Spanish on twitter is a new hobby. I think learing Spanish "solo" or "solitaire" is fun. It helps you see the mistakes you are making and allows you space in time to correct yourself and start over. Okay, here goes! Yo no puedo hallar paginas en Espanol. Yo he buscado muchos y muchos lugares y todo que hay son (estan?) paginas o websites que venden lecciones en Espanol para comprar con dinero. Well, that was nerve racking. Writing Spanish is not my forte. Well, not yet. How was I? I think I can listen and comprehend, read Spanish, and it's speaking and writing that are difficult. My brain can race with thoughts in Spanish or in English, but writing it gives me time to stop, pace myself, and deliberate what I am doing with my thoughts. (pensamientos) Pues, yo voy a tratar de escribir con un diccionario y sin un diccionario. This should help me improve my written Spanish. ?Que crees? Do you think you can go solitaire or solo in Spanish and learn it or teach Basic Spanish? It's worth it to practice it (practicar). Okay, luego. Don't forget to study. Writing helps it stick, so that's why you should do it in Spanish. Mistakes or no mistakes! Have a good day whether you get exposure to Spanish or not. Bye for now.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Feliz ano Nuevo. 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Basic Spanish --- Making Mistakes

Are you interested in learning basic Spanish? If so, you are on the right page on the internet. Go to google and look up: www.spanishspire.blogspot.com and www.solospanish.blogspot.com This is only for basic Spanish and immersion of the language if you never hear it or see it, or even never have it spoken around you. I am also planning to turn this blog into a "mistake" page for Spanish speakers or learners. What happens is that people don't keep a log or journal of their mistakes to track their learning. A place where people can come and collaborate, sympathize, and track from year their learning is what this page may turn out to be for now. People need to be brave to make mistakes not only in spoken Spanish, but in written Spanish. After writing the mistakes, it'll turn out that seeing what you are learning legibly will help you sort out things in your head. A year later, you can also see that correcting your mistakes will help you better your Spanish. What you once wrote will be meaningful, because you can now correct that work and also see how far you have come. Don't be afraid to start from the beginning. Even if you excel in it, there is always room for improvement. Don't give up on learning it, whether you are a new learner or an avid learner of Spanish. Stay tuned. Stay here to make mistakes with me and use the script for correction.

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Saturday, September 06, 2014
Rabbits and other babies!

Rabbits, squirrels and dragonflies are chasing me. I am transitionong to a MARY, John the Baptist. Now what?

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