Monday, December 26, 2016

I meet very outgoing people that want to only learn how to speak Spanish to others. I am more of a bookish sort. I like to spend time learning Spanish from books, newspapers, or even the internet. I find that in order to speak Spanish, you need exposure to print material. If you learn a word and put it in a sentence, you can also use it in conversations. There are people that want to bypass the whole learning process and only speak colloquial Spanish. That is understandable. It takes time to sit and learn it. If you're an outgoing sort, you want to practice it more with outsiders. You want to be fluent in speaking Spanish. I once met someone that only wanted to practice conversations in Spanish. He also wanted to find an interpreter to go abroad with him for business. He didn't seem to have a whole lot of time to study Spanish. So there is the problem with time. I would say to practice patience when it comes to learning Spanish. Learning Spanish by yourself or listening to conversations on television will definitely help you get acclimated to Spanish. Practicing with another person or other people would solidify it. It takes time to learn. No matter if you bypass the studying process and go straight to conversations, you still need time to perfect it. You can loosen your tongue and practice speaking it. People may be patient to help you correct your mistakes. So you can learn to speak fluently in person with others. No matter which way you decide to tackle Spanish, it's the motivation that counts. Don't lose your interest in learning it. I hope you find the time in the New Year to practice Spanish or practice conversations. Happy learning!

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