Saturday, November 26, 2016
Libraries and Conversations

If you don't know already, this blog is for people that are trying to learn Spanish alone. I call it solitary Spanish. I've thought of three other ideas to get you exposed to Spanish when it is difficult to do so. One idea is to start a Spanish library. Once I went into a store that had all music in Spanish. What if you could go to a store that carried items in Spanish? It would mean buying and collecting books in Spanish. It would be a great hobby and keep information at hand. Just make some room on your shelves for the items. Another idea is to write out conversations in Spanish on paper. Choose words and phrases that you need to practice. One example is a friend of mine that keeps getting "buenas noches" wrong. He keeps saying "buenos noches." I would encourage him to write out a conversation with the words in it and read the lines. It would be like practicing a script. Yet another idea is to choose a paragraph written in Spanish. Write the sentences out separately in sentence form and number the sentences. This gets you close enough to the paragraph to see how it is constructed. It helps you to see how the sentences are constructed too. You can practice the sentences separately. It will help you get more comfortable with the paragraph itself. Try it! You'll have the mechanics of Spanish down after working with a number of paragraphs in this way. I hope you like these ideas and use them when you are playing Spanish solitaire.

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